Tana Leather Premium Polish Black

Tana® Leather Premium Polish

The ultimate wax polish for superior shine & scuff coverage

Tana Self Shine Cream black

Tana® Leather Self Shine Cream

Protect, nourish and shine your shoes in seconds

tana shoe renew neutral

Tana® Shoe Renew

Refresh and restore your shoes’ colour

Tana Leather Cleaning Lotion 150mL

Tana® Leather Cleaning Lotion

Cleans & prevents leather from drying or cracking.

Tana Dubbin 78g

Tana® Dubbin

Heavy-duty leather conditioning & stain repellant

Tana Oiled Leather Protector

Tana® Oiled Leather Protector

Replenish oils, resist stains & repel the elements.

Tana Sport Cleaner

Tana® Cleaner - Sport

Fast-acting cleaner for leather, nylon & vinyl.

Tana Heel Zorbs

Tana® Sport Heel Zorbs®

Breathable, shock-absorbing heel pads with superior cushioning.

Tana Shoe Freshener Sport

Tana® Shoe Freshener

Fast-acting foot odour control for easy, extended freshness.

Tana Sport Whitener

Tana® Whitener

Restores shoes to their maximum whiteness.

Tana Suede Nubuck Cleaner

Tana® Cleaner - Suede & Nubuck

Cleans, conditions and restores suede and nubuck.

Tana All Protector 224g

Tana® All Protector®

Protect your shoes & repel stains with a simple spray.

Tana Footsilk 59g

Tana® FootSilk® Feet Freshener

An invisible layer of foot protection, comfort & freshness.

Tana Universal Sandal Cleaner

Tana® Sandal Cleaner

Cleans & refreshes sandals and their inner soles.

Tana Universal Shoe Stretch

Tana® Shoe Stretch

Stretches material for a more comfortable fit.

Tana Style 16 Protector

Tana® Style 16® Protector

Repels the elements, resists dirt & stops stains.

Tana Ball of Foot

Tana® Ball of Foot Cushions

Comfort for the sensitive ball of the foot area.

Tana® Anti-Slip Pads

Prevents slipping to help prevent squishing beautifully manicured toes.

Tana Gel Heel Liners

Tana® Gel Heel Liners

Protect heels from rubbing and slipping.

Tana Comfort In Between Toe

Tana® In Between Toe

Cushions the sensitive area between the toes.

Tana 3 in 1 Comfort Gel Insole

Tana® 3 in 1 Comfort 3/4 Gel Insole

Cushions & protects sensitive areas in even your sexiest shoes.

Tana Polishing Cloth Leather

Tana® Leather Polishing Cloth

Extra-soft flannel perfect for cleaning & polishing

Tana Universal Shoe Horn

Tana® Universal Shoe Horn

Helps you put on footwear without damaging the shoe.

Tana classic laces round 27in 2pair black

Tana™ Classic laces

Tana™ Classic Laces bring more style to your shoe-tying.

tana outdoor laces hiking boot round 30 black brown

Tana™ Outdoor laces

Durable, weather-resistant laces for outdoor shoes.

tana no tie laces black

Tana™ No-Tie Laces

When there’s no time to tie, it’s time for no-tie laces.

tana laces flat 36 black

Tana™ Laces

A broad assortment of shoe laces for any occasion.

tana hockey laces 108 white

Tana™ Hockey Laces

Strong, durable laces to keep you skating strong.